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Marcus Troy
Fashion / Lifestyle
Marcus Troy is a multi-faceted creative hailing from Montreal. He is the founder of Marcus Troy Inc., a consultancy that works with esteemed brands from around the world on creative ideas, content development, social media, product and web design, app development.
Moti Ankari
Moti Ankari / The Metro Man
Moti Ankari is twenty-something-year-old fashion enthusiast resided in Brooklyn, New York. He is the author of personal style blog, The Metro Man.
Justin Livingston
Justin Livingston / Scout Sixteen
Justin is a creative consultant and freelance writer with a focus on menswear and home interiors. He spends his days scouting out new discoveries for readers of his lifestyle blog, Scout Sixteen. He has three main loves: whiskey, good times, and french bulldogs.
Angie McGowan
Angie McGowan / Eclectic Recipes
Angie McGowan is the author of Eclectic Recipes, a family friendly food and cooking blog. When she’s not in the kitchen developing and testing recipes, she loves afternoons at the beach, boating on the many lakes and rivers in Florida, and snow skiing in the Smokies.
Africa Yoon
Africa Yoon / I Love Africa
Fashion / Nutrition
Africa Byongchan Yoon (formerly Engo) is a celebrity activist and TV host who came to be known for her rank by MTV as one of the top 40 Youth AIDS activists in the world. In 2007, after finding herself 250lbs and obese, she lost 110 pounds and ran from New York to Chicago the following year.
Michelle Hooton
Michelle Hooton / Bite by Michelle
I'm a food blogger, mother, wife, cook, entrepreneur and lover of all things Italian - not always in that order but always with passion. I write about all of it on 'Bite by Michelle'.
Maro Onokpise
Maro Onokpise / Apparatus Magazine
Fashion / Lifestyle
Style and Fashion isn't something that I write about. It's what I live. Ever since being a manager at Banana Republic, I knew that starting a blog about what was cool to me and sharing it with the world was something that I always wanted to do.
Alyssa Ponticello-Levine
Alyssa Ponticello-Levine / Runway Chef
Fashion / Food
Alyssa is the founder and creator of Runway Chef, a lifestyle blog centered around food and fashion. She currently resides in Brooklyn, NY with her husband, and outside of blogging, Alyssa is a freelance writer and social media and creative consultant. In her free time, Alyssa loves to travel and cook and entertain with her husband.
Paula Jones
Paula Jones / bell'alimento
Paula Jones is the remaroonokpisecipe developer, photographer and publisher of the popular food and travel website bell’alimento. She has been featured in Southern Living Magazine, Bon Appetit and Parade as well as on such sites as: Saveur, CNN and The Huffington Post.
Elliott Shaffner
Elliott Shaffner / F for Food
Elliott Shaffner, recently relocated from Los Angeles to Richmond, Virginia, is the woman behind the blog F for Food, where she writes about restaurants, food trucks, chefs, seasons, ingredients, trends, and recipes. She also launched Fred + Elliott Food Styling & Photography with her partner, photographer Fred Turko.