A baby boom among young TODAY Show anchors including Carson Daly and Jenna Bush Hager sparked the need for a new take on parenting, fit for millennials. So together with the TODAY Show, we asked: how can we engage a new generation of families that values participation over consumption?
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Jenna Bush Hager: I never doubted my...

When I was a young girl, my family spent weekends at a lake overtaken by alligators. It was good fishing for my dad, not ideal swimming for my sister and me. Regardless, we loved spending time at the...

Let's Be Careful With Our "Dear Mom...

I saw another one this morning. I was scrolling Facebook with my morning coffee when a post from a page I follow caught my eye. It started out the way so many of them do… “Dear Helicopter...

I can still pick him up, so I do

Seven is the number of pounds I lost in my first trimester with my son, because I could not stomach anything but waffles, cereal, Pop Tarts and toaster pastries. I had no idea that pregnancy could...

No, My Son Doesn't Play Sports ......

My son not only doesn't play sports, he doesn't watch them either. GASP! I know, it's a tragedy, right? Actually, it's just fine.

To the mom at the water park, thank you

I was sitting on the sidelines while my daughter splashed and played. Until I saw you.

That time my daughter talked to a...

Sometimes talking to strangers can lead to beautiful new beginnings. Give it a try.

Mom Hacks to Help Survive Cabin Fever!

When you were a kid, was there anything better than hearing the words “SNOW DAY!”? I still feel that way when I have a snow day with my kids, but then that snow day turns into more snow...

What would my 1970s mom do? (Drink Tab...

I'm about to tell you the truth: parenting has become very precious in our generation.

A collaborative community for a new generation of parents


Using our platform, we made this idea a reality, launching a collaborative content community for TODAY where on-air talent, experts, friends, and family could look to those around them to share experiences and advice. Our platform powers the entire experience, making it easy for contributors to submit content on the front-end, while TODAY editors launch new prompts on the back-end, managing hundreds of submissions from thousands of contributors, all while keeping a close eye on quality.


TODAY Parenting Team was an immediate success, as the community generated over seven million pageviews in its first two months, with over 84% of traffic coming from social media and a single post by top contributor Jen Hatmaker receiving millions of shares and views.


In a completely “on message” partnership, Johnson’s sponsored the Parenting Team launch. The sponsorship was so effective, it was even recognized with a Diamond BrilliAAnce Award for excellence in strategic, innovative, integrated, and impactful advertising.