The world has entered a time of sea change, powered by bits, bytes, and most importantly, people. Individuals now have a voice that can impact millions. Tidal Labs builds technology that allows companies to harness thousands of creative voices.

We’re in a new
creator era

Content is no longer controlled by the few. Anyone, anywhere has a voice.

The best ideas don’t
come from a creative brief

Creative potential is born whenever someone is passionate.

Let’s turn advertising into
a force for good

The billions spent on advertising can be used to bring more creativity into the world, and to help change it.
Matt Myers
Matt Myers
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Matthew Myers has a degree in marketing from the Wharton School and has worked in technology for more than 20 years. Most recently he served as the founder & CTO for 30elm, a startup helping to bring homeowners together with architects and interior designers. While there, he was responsible for the planning and creation of a detailed content and lead management system. Prior to 30elm, Matt worked with a boutique consulting firm to provide CTO-level strategic technology planning, serving companies like Morgan Stanley. During his time at Penn Matt renovated a 1903 8-bedroom brownstone, and managed IT operations for the University of Pennsylvania Department of Medicine.
Burak Kanber
Burak Kanber
Founder & Chief Technology Officer
Burak Kanber is an entrepreneur and software engineer with 20 years of experience. He earned his bachelor's and master's degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the prestigious Cooper Union in New York City, where he concentrated on software modeling and simulation of hybrid vehicle powertrains. Before Tidal, Burak had founded several startups, most notably Niqos Inc (with Eric Waller), a boutique design and engineering firm that helped startups and small businesses solve difficult technical problems. Burak has helped dozens of companies launch products and is an active technology and startup advisor. He also teaches classes in computer programming and machine learning.