Influencers should be managed through technology, not spreadsheets

Tidal Platform.

Better Performance, Increased Efficiency

Our proprietary ContentMetric® influencer platform combines the tools needed to manage a private network of influencers, ambassadors & creators in one enterprise-grade stack.

Own your Influencers

Automate Creation

Tidal’s influencer CRM/CMS allows your brand to centrally manage your valuable relationships in a private owned network. Activate your network, automatically, to generate great content for your brand, at scale.


Identify your Network

Your Brand's Private Influencer Team

Tap customer lists, ambassadors, employees, UGC creators and Tidal’s micro-influencer CreatorExchange® to form your private network. Machine-learning profiling on thousands of stats and interests helps you find the hidden gems most likely to create great content for your brand.

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It's Your Team, Not Ours

A fully white-labelled platform, ContentMetric® allows customization of all your communication, guidelines and incentives. This creates a deep, personal relationship, ongoing, with your influencer team.

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Automate Logistics

Your Influencers (& Staff) Will Thank You

A customized workflow system takes the hand work out of gathering info, distributing product, issuing payments, and staying in compliance with corporate & legal requirements.

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Manage Content

Review, Accept and Distribute

Review, edit, give feedback and rate quality on pictures, posts & videos submitted. Looking good? ContentMetric is the only system that allows you to distribute to hosted sites, partner systems like Olapic and anywhere else via APIs.

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Analyze for ROI

Optimize Your Efforts, Ongoing

Get real-time access to the KPIs of your program; engagement, reach, responsiveness, and sales lift (when available). Performance data is utilized to optimize your network for the best results, ongoing.

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Authenticity, Scaled

Grow Your Content Through Technology

Get authentic content that’s high-quality, rights-approved, always-on and inexpensive. And use that content for all your marketing endeavors.

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