Enterprise influencer software tuned for your business needs

A platform to build and manage influencer relationships across teams, and across the globe

Our proprietary ContentMetric® influencer platform combines the tools needed to manage a private network of influencers, ambassadors & creators in one enterprise-grade stack.

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Discover your Network

Find, recruit, & profile the perfect influencers for your brand

Find new influencers through our AI-powered lookalike web crawler.

Recruit directly to your vip.brand.com sign-up page.

Profile your influencers, and their audience, in your brand’s private network.

Run Streamlined Campaigns

Automate Your Influencer Logistics

Gather info, distribute product, issue payments, all with less hand work.

Stay in compliance with GDPR, tax, corporate and legal requirements.

Build deep relationships through unlimited custom communication templates.

Manage Content

A full CMS built for social.

Review, edit, rate & distribute all your influencer content in one place.

Display content alongside products & influencers on websites, apps & social channels.

Scale from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of posts.

Track & Optimize

Report ROI across campaigns, teams, brands & regions.

Measure campaign engagement, reach & audience with customized earned-media-value calculations.

Share with export to PDF, Powerpoint, Excel or through APIs.

Optimize with smartlists based on hundreds of performance metrics.

Customize & Integrate

Bring your influencer programs into all of your enterprise.

Connect to product databases, CRMs & other systems.

Customize ROI reporting by integrating external sales lift data alongside reporting & payment info.

Extend programs onto apps & websites used by millions.

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