The Rise of the Creator Era

Find, curate and optimize relationships with content creators that are most relevant for your brand.

What's the "Creator Era"?

The ways in which consumers interact with this preferred amateur content has changed. Consumers are not just simply engaging with the content, but are interacting with the creator of the content. Content creators have become trusted sources of knowledge, much like friends. This change in the relationship that consumers have with their content and more specifically the content creators is the reason that brands are now getting behind the use of influencers in their marketing.

Who are creators? The term “creator” is used quite frequently now. We gathered a team of the most knowledgeable people in the ad agency & media fields to put together a paper exploring the birth of a new era of advertising, through content creation and social influence.

The Rise of a Creator Era is an introduction to what has become a tectonic shift in the relationship between companies and individuals.

This paper is packed with:

  • Statistics on how types of content are functioning in this new digital age
  • Data on where consumers are hunting for new content & who's producing it
  • Details on how the relationship between consumer and creator changed
  • Recaps from select articles with essential advice for digital marketers
  • Insider posts reviewing and forecasting the direction of digital marketing

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